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"Thanks for running a highly enjoyable course for us. Feedback from the event has been excellent and a couple of people have already put your exercises into practice (with fantastic results)."

“The course was excellent: very well presented and extremely helpful. So many courses I've been on and left knowing that, although the information was reasonably useful, I'd never put it into practice for one reason or another. This course was different - I left knowing I'd picked up some really easy to follow tips that would make a real difference.”
Moneyfacts Group

"Talking with the team at this morning's  meeting, the department felt very positive about the day, and that collectively we have all learned a lot to help us move forward with projects. Everyone seemed to learn something and have an enjoyable day.”
Anglia Regional Co-operative Society

"I really enjoyed your workshop and wanted to thank you for the time and effort you put into producing an entertaining, informative and stimulating presentation."

Chartered Institute of Marketing

“It was a very good workshop. It helped reinforce what our marketing messages should be, and gave me an armful of tricks to use.”

Advanced Group of Companies

Coaching and mentoring

Writing for the Web Course*

A course dedicated to writing for the web, with an emphasis on writing for the way people read online.

Business English Essentials Course*
A fun course to help you express yourself clearly and accurately, no matter what type of business items you write.

Proofreading Course*
An extended look at what it takes to write accurately (spelling, grammar, punctuation etc.) and some techniques for good proofreading.

*These courses are being redeveloped: their new course pages will be available soon.

Courses for anyone who writes

Copywriting courses for marketing professionals

Copywriting Skills Development Programme
A blend of online resources and one-to-one coaching by email and phone. 

Copywriting Workshop

A one-day course on copywriting techniques, from gathering information to improving readability.

As well as my training courses I also deliver coaching and mentoring. For people whose roles include lots of writing in particular, this service can help them to rapidly develop the quality and quantity of their output.Sessions can be held at your premises, by phone/email or a blend of both.

Writing skills development:
training and coaching

As well as writing for clients I also help them to develop their own writing skills. In fact, I love training as much as writing and worked as a trainer even before I got into writing for a living.

My workshops, courses and programmes are the ultimate in practical writing skills development. If I haven't personally used a technique I won't teach it. I focus entirely on how to be a better, more effective and more confident writer. Yes, my teaching is informed by marketing and communications theory, but it's totally practical: everything I cover can be used minutes later by attendees.